5 Tips To Get Out Of A Traffic Ticket

08 Sep 2015 - 21:05:56
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If you are unlucky enough to actually get hit with a speeding fine, don't pay it. What? That's right, don't pay it. Take the ticket to court and try to see if you can win the case. I'd only do this if you either are sure you were not in the wrong and can backup your case with evidence, or you just feel lucky. Taking a ticket to court stands a good chance of winning for one simple reason; the issuing officer may not be present. Why is this important? If the officer who issued the ticket can't show up, then you automatically win and the ticket is ripped up and you won't have to pay a thing. Police officers are usually very busy and turning up to a speeding violation ticket is often not high on their agenda. This is possibly one of the easiest and simplest ways to beat any seattle speeding ticket in court.

Always remember something - in this great country, you are innocent until proven guilty. The officer is not the judge and jury. If you can't handle the heat or the hassle then you can simply plead guilty or just pay the fine. In fact, that's exactly what they want you to do. They want you to be like the rest of the sheeple and pay the fines. If you admit guilt and pay the fine, be prepared for higher insurance rates for several years. I never pay fines on speeding tickets, I always plead not guilty and set it up for court. If they feel that I'm guilty, then they must prove it.

I have another suggestion to avoid a speeding ticket. This one is a smart-alecky one Don't drive your vehicle. Ha! Ha! Unfortunately since most of us have to work for a living, and carry our kids to various sporting events. Life is simply too busy that not driving our vehicles is simply not plausible.

Many of these firms are run by retired police officers who kjow the loopholes, and some are run by attorneys - or by both. You see police officers are human, and machines are machines, and both can make mistakes and give false readings.

What happens is that your neurons lose their thick bands of connectivity that keep those memories alive. The connections get thinner and the electrical impulses flowing through your brain weaker.

Remember that you are innocent until proven guilty. If you can provide some doubt into the proceedings, you have a great chance of getting the charges dismissed.

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